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Hōkūle'a Culture Camp

Hōkūle'a Academy Culture Camp participants

Join us next summer for an incredible experience.

The mission of the Polynesian Culture Camp is to provide a learning experience to each child about the music, crafts, costumes, dances, language and values of the Polynesian Cultures along with basic life skills like sewing, braiding, patience, team and individual work and play. We are committed to providing a high quality comprehensive educational program that supports the development of the child and to either introduce or further the knowledge of the Polynesian Cultures.

Every day, there will be music and dance classes, language and crafts. Three different Polynesian islands will be featured in this camp: Hawai’i, Tahiti and New Zealand (Aotearoa). The children learn best by hands-on experiences, so each area of the curriculum has specific materials and activities that go with it for a more profound learning experience. The teachers will give the children plenty of positive reinforcement and encouragement. The curriculum is divided into seven groups: music, dance, costume confection and crafts, language, singing, cultural games, and island trivia.

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